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Pond Renovations

Pond & Water Feature Renovations

Serving Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA)

Water Feature Renovations

If you’re looking for water feature renovation or facelift service with your Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, PA surrounding area water feature, you’re in the right spot. Apple Ponds & Water Features is a qualified water feature design and renovation contractor serving our areas of PA for years, and has the experience needed to help you give your water feature a facelift, add- on or upgrade, as well as provide whatever maintenance or services are needed to keep your newly upgraded water feature running, and looking it’s best all season.

​​We Can Help Simplify Your Complicated Filtration System

​Does your filter system look like a science experiment? Did you just buy a house in our area of PA, and find something like this behind your pond?

With advances in technology simplifying the maintenance part of ponds and water gardens, and support from manufacturers in the construction and artistry part, upgrading your existing pond, with an easier filtration system to maintain, is possible.

​Renovation includes adding a skimmer, pump vault, or waterfall filter, that can upgrade the filtration and add a waterfall source point, replacing your old waterfall setup, and skim the debris across the surface of the pond to be removed. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on renovating your pond or water feature.

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