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LED Landscape Lighting

There’s nothing like adding LED landscape lighting to your Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, PA area home or place of business. Landscape lights not only add a safety aspect, but offer curb appeal and styling options to upgrade your homes exterior façade and outdoor living areas. Apple Ponds & Water Features can design you a lighting system to fit almost any budget, or space requirement you may have. Today’s lighting fixtures are designed for long lasting reliability and the highest quality.

Our unmatched designs, endless innovation and exceptional customer care have made us a pioneer in the lighting industry in and around Collegeville, PA. By having the team at Apple Ponds & Water Features on your side, you can rest assured you’re receiving high-quality landscape lighting installation, and pond and water feature lighting installation products, and advice for your residential or commercial project. 

Popular Types Of Lighting

  • Security lighting is establishing a well-lit property that is less desirable to be invaded or burglarized. Illumination for security purposes used to include big flood lighting, which blinds your eye as you approach the house. Correct placement with illumination presents the level of security.
  • Safety lighting illumination offers safe passage throughout the property. Focusing on steps, pathways, and tripping hazards, along with target areas around the landscape. Lighting these areas needs to be lit correctly so that no blind spots occur.
  • Boundary lighting perimeter of driveways, fencing, and walls. Providing a distinct delineation of the property, with a continuous wall of light allowing for more yard space.
  • Accent Lighting typically is used to highlight certain objects or architectural features in the landscape. The accented area should always be lit three times higher in intensity then the general illumination level. The objective is lighting the area, without creating a focal point.

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