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Lake Fountains

Large Lake Fountains – Sales, Installation & Service

Serving Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA)

At Apple Pond & Water Features, located in Collegeville, PA we specialize in the installation, maintenance & service of a complete line of large lake fountains and aerators. We are a distributor for Aqua Control professional pond and lake products. Serving all of Montgomery and Chester County in Pennsylvania.

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The Importance Of Aeration

In Pennsylvania, large pond and lake aeration is an important part of any pond’s ecosystem. Fountains and subsurface aeration have more than a visual benefit. Many ponds are troubled with low oxygen levels, with stagnant water. Unless managed properly, a pond or lake may quickly change from looking great, to looking awful. It happens, and your best option is proper management by working with a professional like the team at Apple Ponds & Water Features.

Professional Series Products

  • 1/2HP Aerating Fountains
  • 1/2HP to 2HP Aerating Fountains
  • 1HP to 7.5HP Display Aerators
  • 1HP to 5HP Fountains
  • 1HP to 7.5HP Display Aerators and 2HP to 5HP Fountains
  • 7.5HP to 40HP Fountains
  • 1/2HP to 40HP Non-Floating Display Aerators & Fountains
  • Bottom Diffused Aeration Systems
  • Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration
  • Pond Bottom Circulators – 1HP to 3HP
  • Waterfall/Transfer Pump Systems – 1HP to 40HP

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