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Serving Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA)

Add A Bubbling Garden Fountain Just About Anywhere

Apple Ponds & Water Features, based in Collegeville, PA, serving the Montgomery & Chester County surrounding areas, uses Atlantic | Oase Fountain Systems for all of our installs. We found them to be the easiest, fastest and strongest way to build a bubbling garden fountain style water feature in the Montgomery County, PA surrounding areas. Heavy-duty components make setting, plumbing and running your feature simple. All components are designed to work together to beautify any landscape. With systems that will handle any size, any shape and any load, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Systems can be installed in hardscapes or landscapes, in-ground or above-ground, indoors or outdoors, for maximum versatility
  • Fountain Basins with integrated internal supports handle more weight with greater stability
  • The Triton 3-Way Diverter makes plumbing and flow control of multiple fountain pieces simple and easy
  • Topside plumbing and tubing channels allow for above water installation and adjustment, no need to get wet
  • Eco-Rise systems with Atlantic | Oase Eco-Blox modular reservoirs support any weight, any size and any number of decorative elements in any configuration


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Atlantic | Oase's Color Changing Vases

One of our most popular installations are the Atlantic | Oase color changing vase sets. Available in 3 sizes and also can be installed in sets of 3. These color changing vases can add the perfect amount of style and “coolness” to your patio or front door setting.

  • Bubbling fountain with attractive granite finish during the day, glows with brilliant color at night
  • Color Changing LED Light Ring with 48 colors and 18 preset modes illuminates fountain from within
  • Includes Color Changing Control Module, remote control and transformer
  • Integrated anchor base for increased stability
  • Sold individually, as a 3-piece Vase Set or Fountain Kit for greater design flexibility


Atlantic | Oase's Formal Spillway Waterfalls

Atlantic | Oase’s Formal Spillway System takes the guesswork out of adding water to your landscape or hardscape. Minimal noise and splash make this system ideal for indoor applications. Convenient Basin Kits include everything needed for installation, saving time and money. All components are matched for perfect performance every time.


Atlantic | Oase's Hammered Brass Spillway Bowls & Aura Vases

With the introduction of Atlantic | Oase hammered brass spillway bowls and Aura vases, we can now add a “splash” of style, beauty and function to your project ideas. The spillway bowls come in a variety of sizes with multiple spillway designs to fit any project’s design constraints. Whether you add them as a stand alone feature or incorporate them into a natural looking pond or Pond-Free installation, they are sure to bring years of enjoyment and function to your yard or property. Ask us about incorporating them into your project, and we will come up with a spectacular idea for you.

  • Hammered Brass Fountain Bowls are a stylish and elegant addition to any landscape or hardscape
  • Atlantic | Oase Hammered Brass Bowls are handcrafted of solid brass in two styles, with matching pedestal for dual bowl installations
  • Acid wash finish imparts an attractive, unique patina to the surface making each bowl one-of-a-kind
  • 30″ diameter bowl features a 4″ spillway for a gentle water flow and calming effect
  • 36″ Brass Fountain Bowl is designed to overflow around its entire perimeter
  • Pedestal of solid reinforced brass is designed to securely elevate all Spillway Bowls
  • Aura Vases are hand-hammered of solid brass in three sizes and two styles – 24″, 32″ & 40″


Atlantic | Oase's Formal Wall Spillway Spouts

With today’s popularity of retaining wall blocks and bricks. Adding a bit of water flair to them is now a beautiful reality with Atlantic | Oase’s formal wall spout pieces. These units come in four different shape styles, and two different finish options to better fit your outdoor decor. The ability to add these units to any design is key, smaller basins for easier installation, and the ability to add lighting effects to them will ensure that your investment will get the most benefits of use… day or night!


Atlantic | Oase's Bubbling Basalt Columns

  • Attractive natural stones are drilled to create overflowing water features
  • Hexagonal pillars have a snapped top and sawn base for stability
  • Volcanic basalt oxidizes to form attractive multi-colored patina over time
  • Atlantic | Oase Basalt Columns are generously core-drilled to 1⅜” to fit up to 1″ Sch 40 PVC or 3/4″ kink-free tubing plus a light cord
  • A 2″ diameter, 5″ deep socket recesses Atlantic | Oase’s Fountain Light and buffers the water plume 
  • Available in single or three piece sets for design flexibility

Available In 3 Sizes Or Installed In A Set Of 3 !

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