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Bog Filtration

Aquatic Plant Bog Filtration Systems

Serving Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA)

No Pond Or Water Garden Filter System Design Is Too Big Or Too Small.

At Apple Ponds & Water Features, based in Collegeville, PA, serving the Montgomery & Chester County surrounding areas, we install Atlantic | Oase’s Pond & Water Garden Bog Systems for all of our larger pond installations and retrofitting projects, around Montgomery County surrounding areas.

​There are two kinds of active bogs that differ in the direction of water flow. Downflow Bogs pull water down into the planted gravel bed, while upflow Bogs reverse the flow, pushing water up through the plant roots and out the top of the gravel bed. Because downflow bogs tend to trap sediments and clog more frequently, we’re going to talk about building upflow bogs instead.


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About The Bog Filters From Atlantic | Oase

The advantage to active upflow bogs is that they can be placed just about anywhere. Perimeter bogs, waterfall or stream bogs, even bog islands are simple to add to any existing pond, as long as they are built so the pumped water makes its way back into the pond.

Bog Filtration Flow
Bog Filtration Garden

One of the most effective bogs I’ve seen was built on an island in the center of an existing koi pond. A plastic grate set on cinder blocks about 6” below water level was covered with a piece of liner, then ringed with dry stacked stones to the surface. A planted gravel bed covered a 2” perforated pipe attached to a pump below the island. Water pumped into the gravel bed flowed back through the gravel and stones, stripped of all nutrients.

Even The Smallest Of Ponds
Can Be Crystal Clear & Healthy
​With Bog Filtration!

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