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Blue Thumb Products

Professional Water Feature Products

We Service and Install The Entire Line Of Blue Thumb

Serving Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA)

We Service And Install The Entire Line Of Blue Thumb Professional Water Feature Products.

Apple Ponds & Water Features can bring the best of Blue Thumb to your backyard if you live in the Collegeville, Montgomery & Chester County, Pennsylvania (PA) area.
The Blue Thumb line consists of many different style and shape features. Such as Vase Fountains, Stone Fountains, Metal Fountains and much more.

Our Fountain Kits Include:

Fountain — We carefully select the kit elements to make your fountain run effectively and efficiently, whether single or triple, light or heavy, large or small.
Basin — Blue Thumb manufactures several options in-house, then we choose the reservoir that best fits the fountain(s) in your kit, as determined by size, weight, and volume.
Pump — We consider optimal efficiency when pairing a pump with a fountain kit.
Plumbing — We test our fountains to provide you with tubing, valves, and connectors necessary for premium performance.

Optional Accessories:

We recommend these products to help manage maintenance and enhance the enjoyment of your Blue Thumb fountain:

Lighting — Both internal and external light kits are available for nighttime water feature enjoyment.
Basin Apron — Helps prevent water loss due to splash.
Auto Fill Kits — Automatically maintains water levels.
Water Treatments — Keep water cleaner. Safe for pets and wildlife.

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