Pond Construction

Use of a water feature  will enhance the value of the landscape. Ponds can be designed for raising fish using native water plants to accent and filter water.  The use of fish safe EPDM liners allows for almost any shape and size of pond. Ponds are balanced when using fish, aquatic plants, and filtration systems.

Pond-less Waterfall Construction

A pond-less waterfall can be for people who love the idea of listening to water but do not want all the maintenance of a pond. A disappearing waterfall creates elegant sound in your yard. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss because of evaporation is all that’s required.

Rain water harvesting and mitigation systems

Rainwater harvest systems can be designed to store volumes of water depending upon usage in the landscape, including irrigation of plants, and water storage for water features. Adding a decorate fountain stone on top of the storage system circulates the water contained also creating a pond-less water feature.

Benefits of Reusing Rainwater Harvesting

  • Improved landscape growth
  • Reduce flooding and erosion from stromwater runoff
  • Efficient use of a valuable resource – water
  • Storm water from roofs to street is almost eliminated
  • Pipes from house to water tanks hidden underground
  • Reduces municipal water demand
  • Reduces sewerage outfall
  • Groundwater is scarce
  • Groundwater is contaminated

Landscape plantings

  • Foundation Plantings
  • Color Plantings
  • Boundary Plantings
  • Outdoor Living Space
  • Water gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Native Habitats