Patios, walkways, walls, steps, permeable pavement, arbors, ponds, decks, fencing
We install concrete pavers, brick, border edges (Belgium block, aluminum, steel), segment retaining walls, dry laid natural stone walls, natural stone garden paths, and many more.

Manufactures Used

CST Pavers and VERSA-LOK




Permeable Pavement

A Porous pavement surface covers a underlying stone reservoir that temporarily stores surface runoff water before infiltrating into the subsoil.

Porous Pave is composed of recycled tires, aggregate and urethane binder. Installation of material provides a flexible substrate that will not crack during freeze/thaw cycles. This product can be installed for walkways, paths, patios, etc. Installation for new construction or over pre-existing surfaces at a inch thickness. Porous Pave allows rainwater to pass through the ground while holding a strong durable surface to travel across.
Gravel Lok is created using a moisture curing liquid designed to bond varieties of aggregates. The porous paving product is ideal for stone scaping applications.